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SB Market & Advertising

 We provide multiple styles of commercial advertising, customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Unlimited revisions, with or without music, optional writer and spokesman.

Allow SB Market and Advertising to make you a masterpiece while marketing 

and advertising it for you!


Start your subscription below today!

SirBenjamin's Method for Marketing

Your product or brand might be second to none in your eyes and so it should be. But what does the world and your consumers think of it? My job is to create the best possible look for you and your business and then present this new and incredible you to the world. If you're trying to find new clients your image, slogan, logo and campaign strategy  is everything.  I will provide all of the above for you and more.  If you plan to retain valued clients it is important that you adopt the proper business etiquette and habits to do so. We also offer those skills as well. My strategy is to conquer not compete. I will purposely study your competitors entire operation and without slander campaigning, create a unique plan of attack that would rocket your business to #1 in your niche. Become a household name with SB Market & Advertising. See our services below.

We create and provide services for:

*Website building and maintenance

*TV and internet commercials 

*Radio and interview scripts 

*Custom flyers 

*Business cards 

*Ad campaign and slogans 

*Billboard creation & marketing

*Digital marketing

*Gorilla marketing 

*Employee training (various subjects) from sales to class, customer service and more

*Social media building and management 

*Logo design

*Image building 

*Brand development 

*Catch phrases 

Our prices vary

but will not be beat!

If you would like us to provide you with all of the above services , we will be happy to give you a free quote. We can also provide monthly services which can vary with each individual company's needs. 

SBM&A appreciates your trust while allowing us 

to provide these in-demand services!

It's time to recuperate from all sales lost 

because YOUR business is forever.

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Business Cards

We specialize in building websites, logos, business cards and brochures for all your business endeavors. Let us help you get the recognition and attention your company deserves to make your business successful.

Mind Over Matter Commercial 

We specialize in "Search Engine Optimization" because commercial creation is not enough.

Allow us to build your product and then market it to thousands upon thousands to consumers that are interested in what you do and offer.  This ad went from 0 to 850 views in 1 day and 

gained us 50 new clients within the week.  We will do better for you.

Mind Over Matter Flyer

The Kid Who Ate from the Dumpster Flyer


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